mission statement

All clients shall receive a spiritual experience of the mind, body, and soul.

All clients who are physically and spiritually grounded in their daily lives and possess self awareness will seek massage and bodywork from Vortexnergy Flow to help replenish their strength and abilities.

All clients who are motivated to excel in their gifted talents will seek the expertise of Vortexnergy Flow to help them maintain longevity and quality to their lives.

Vortexnergy Flow will provide a well-rounded and knowledgeable practitioner to its clients to assist with gaining experience that will be useful and practical to their health, body care, and self awareness.


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Vortex, (vor teks') - A spinning, swirling, spiral flow of fluid. A subtle flow of energy that resonates and strengthens our inner being.

core beliefs

  • We are all living and breathing organisms that require positive energy to flow in and through us on a daily basis.
  • We possess a spiritual energy within ourselves.
  • We must harness our spiritual gifts.
  • We all have the capacity to turn our deepest fears into our greatest gifts.
  • We must live in the solution and discover our passions.
  • We must make the best of each and every opportunity to grow.
  • We will thrive in what makes us happy as we shine the light on ourselves.